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AZL Ankündigung National Train Show 2019 - UPDATE:

EMD SW1000 & EMD SW1500 Switchers

The big announcement for AZL was the planned released of EMD SW1000 & SW1500 switchers. Road names and versions are pending. We are anticipating a release around mid next year.

California Zephyrs and EMD F3 Sets

AZL has showcased their California Zephyr sets. The sets comprise of 11 Zephyr cars including domes, baggage, diner, coaches and observation car. Each set will come with a mix of cars from the CB&Q, D&RGW and WP railroads. We are anticipating these sets to be released in the September to October time frame.

AZL also showcased a single PRR Zephyr coach car. This will be offered as an optional add on car to the set.

In conjunction to the California Zephyr sets, AZL will be releasing at the same time corresponding EMD F3 diesel sets for the C&BQ, D&RGW and WP railroads. The locomotive will be sold separately from the passenger sets.

Look for more information including product numbers and pricing at time of the release.

Maxi-1 5-unit Well Car Sets

AZL showed pre-production running samples of the Maxi-1 5-unit articulated well car sets. The samples were run during the show. Road names and versions are pending. We are anticipating a release around the end of this year.


We are waiting for a final list of road names and versions planned. Anticipated released date is around the end of the year.

The RS and RSD locomotives were produced between 1950 and 1956. Total production about 1700. Very popular with railroads and many ran well into the 1980s. The AZL versions will feature many unique details. Most important is the two axle truck AAR type B and three axle truck Trimount that differentiates the RS3 and RSD-5 locomotives. Roadname specific details will include Smokestacks, Turbochargers, Headlights, Numberboards, Airhorns, Snowplow and Fuel Tanks to name some. Three production runs are planned.

Proposed RS3 Roads: GN, NP, CP, NH, UP, SOU, MILW, PRR, DH, SAL, BN, SSW, NYC, CN, DRGW

Proposed RSD-5 Roads: ATSF, SP, C&O

AZL is NOT accepting orders or reservations for these products. We will open the ordering window for all products once we have products in hand and the release schedule set.