Downtown Series & Industries

Downtown Series & Industries

Downtown Series & Industries
No other manufacturing process can offer a higher degree of detail.

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-701

Town House #1 is constructed of large cut stone reproduced in fine etched brass. Paint it brown and you have an old time brownstone. A sand color gives you a limestone classic.

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-985

Chain link security fence produced in photo etched stainless steel. Z Scale 10' high chain link security fence. Kit includes 260' scale feet of fencing.

11,67 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-901

What town doesn't need a fire house? Built in the days of horse drawn engines, these charming buildings can still be found in big cities today. This intricate building is built up with several layers. It may be assembled with the door(s) in place or removed to reveal the inside.

Size: 1.92"W x 1.91"D x 1.56" H

31,92 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-930

This super detailed, licensed replica of an original Gulf Gas Station depicts a style of architecture that is seldom seen today. Its art deco lines and fine details are only possible with photo-etched brass. Complete with authentic decals..

Size: 2.50"W x 1.5" D x 1.77"H


35,11 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-CS-100

City Scoop is a piece of American architecture that was common across the country from coast to coast. This little building will bring back fond memories when hot, hazy summer days meant a trip down to the neighborhood ice cream stand to cool off. Few of these roadside marvels of nostalgia remain today, but you can recreate the past with our City Scoop. Produced in Stainless Steel for greater realism.

Size: 1.3" W x 1.45" D x 1.16" H

29,78 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-200RA

Metallbausatz Dach-Klimaanlage. 3 Stück.

5,27 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-F-101

Metallbausatz. Feuerleiter für eine Fensterbreite.

8,30 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-100-D

Step into the past with the Micro Structures Parkway Diner Kit. This Incredible kit is produced in photo-etched Stainless Steel just like the real ones were. From its etched surface patterns, to the detailed awning and phone booth, you’ll be thrilled with its realism. Add our interior & lighting kit, and you will have a nighttime masterpiece.

Size: 2.26"W x 1.45" D x 1.16"H

31,92 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-100-Dint

Transform the Parkway Diner (100-D, sold separately) with this exciting accessory. Kit includes a full interior complete with counter, tables, benches, stools and more, even plates and silver! Includes custom EL lamps, ready-to-run power supply, interior lighting and rooftop Diner sign.

26,59 € *

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Artikel-Nr.: MST-Z-970

St. Mary's Church is a must have to complete almost any Z scale layout. What town doesn't have a church? With its Victorian charm, tall steeple, arched windows, it will capture the imagination of rural churches across the country. Included is a complete cemetery with headstones and fencing for added value and realism. Kit comes with easy to follow instructions and painting tips.

Size 1.2" W x 2.6" D x 4.2" H

42,57 € *

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