Chicago & North Western F7 ABBA Set

Artikel-Nr.: MTL-980 01 381-ABBA

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Chicago & North Western F7 ABBA Set

Betriebsnummern 4070 A, 309 B, 315 B, 4072 A


CNW began painting F-units in the simplifi ed yellow/green with “Chicago and North Western” spelled out on the fl anks and nose shields by 1961. The engines retained their four digit 4000 series numbers until
1971-72 when the remaining F-units that hadn’t been traded in on newer units were numbered into the 200 series for A units and the 300 series for B units with CNW heralds on the nose and sides in simplifi ed
yellow/green. Units painted in the original black/yellow/green scheme could be found still in the late 60s.

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