DZ126T DCC Decoder

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DZ126T 1 Amp Tiny Series 6 decoder for Z, N & HO

All the great features and reliability of Digitrax Decoders in a tiny package that will fit almost anywhere!

Works with Z, N, and HO scale locos
0.55" x 0.28" x 0.128" (14 x 7.13 x 3.25 mm)
1 Amp/1.25 Amps Peak Motor Current Rating
Digitrax LocoMotion® System
2 FX3 Functions-500mA Total Function Current Rating
FX3 optimized for LEDs or lamps
Configurable FX3 Pulse Function available on all function outputs.
New Series 6 features
Due to the extremely small size of this decoder, it does not accept PX Power Xtenders.

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