MS100 Computer Interface

MS100 Computer Interface

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MS100 RS232 Computer Interface

* The MS100 Computer Interface is designed to let a computer with an IBM compatible COM, or RS232 communications port, monitor Digitrax LocoNet. Application software running in the computer can then interpret the activity on the LocoNet and report back to the user via the computer screen. The MS100 is a signal level translator between LocoNet and a 25 pin DB25 style RS232 port.

* For example, an application for a Railroad "CTC" type display panel would display a "schematic" layout of the railroad on the computer screen. The schematic can be set up to respond to software messages received via LocoNet to indicate block occupancy, signal state and other information received from detection devices attached to LocoNet.

* Please refer to the documentation of the third-party software for full details of the features and capabilities of the optional software you have purchased.

* For IBM compatibles with only a 9 pin male DB9 type COM port connector, you can use a DB9(female) to DB25(male) adapter commonly sold in computer stores to make this conversion to the regular DB25 style COM connector. Be sure you are connected to the correct COM port and that you have it set up as required to match the settings needed by your software package.

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