PR2 Programmer für Sounddecoder

PR2 Programmer für Sounddecoder

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Using the PR2 Programmer and SoundLoader software:
* You can substitute different .wav files into a sound project file (.spj) or you can start from scratch and build your own sound project. * You can download sound projects from the Digitrax Sound Depot web site * You can upload sound projects you have created to share with others, too! * We encourage sound project file sharing among hobbyists. * You can download a sound project into your Digitrax SoundFX decoder equipped locomotive. * You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout. Using Digitrax PR2 Programmer and Digitrax SoundLoader TM software with your PC and programming track, you can create, manage, test, and download sound projects (.spj files) in your Digitrax SoundFX decoders. You can customize your Digitrax SoundFX decoders to your heart’s content! Using the SoundTest TM feature you can even try out different SoundFX decoder sound projects. Just put the SoundFX equipped locomotive on the PR2 programming track and use the SoundTest feature to run the speed up or down and set any combination of functions to on or off while the locomotive remains stationary on the PR2 programming track. Digitrax PR2 Programmer comes with: * PR2 * SoundLoader Software * Installation CD and instructions * Cables needed to hook up to a 25 or 9 pin PC Serial port (USB adapters can also be used). In addition, you’ll need: * A 12-15V DC Power Supply (Digitrax recommends the PS12) * A PC Computer running Windows XP with SoundLoader or equivalent program running * An isolated programming track section (You won’t need a “power booster” to increase programming track voltage.)

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