UT4DCE Fahrregler Duplex Funk

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Anschluß über Kabel, Duplex-Funk oder Infrarot an das LocoNet(R), vierstellige Adressen, 1 großer Drehknopf, Kippschalter zum Fahrtrichtungswechsel.
Für den Duplex-Funk und Infrarot-Empfang wird zusätzlich ein UR92 Panel benötigt.
Für nur Infrarot-Empfang wird ein UR90 Panel benötigt.
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* Duplex Equipped Radio operation with UR92 Duplex transceiver
* InfraRed operation with UR90, UR91 or UR92
* Works with any LocoNet compatible system
* Supports 2 or 4-Digit Addressing.
* Functions F0-F12 for lighting and sound decoder operation.
* Direction switch with center brake position.
* Large knob for precise throttle control.
* Automatic Selection and Speed matching features.
* UT4 does not handle programming, turnout control, or turnoff layout power.

UT4D is Infra-ready for use with UR90 IR Receiver Unit and UT4D is Duplex Radio-ready for use with UR92 Duplex Radio Transceiver Unit. Digitrax’ new Duplex Utility Throttle lets you Acquire and Dispatch locos without plugging in!

Operators across the nation let us know what they expected from an affordable, easy to operate DCC throttle and their input was incorporated from the beginning into the design of the UT4. The UT4 throttle integrates intuitive operation with rock solid design and low cost into a single hand held throttle.

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