Denver & Rio Grande Western Set 4 #15587, 15598

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ACF Covered 51' Cylindrical Hoppers

Denver & Rio Grande Western

SET 4: #15587, 15598

Twenty years ago now, Full Throttle  offered it's first Cylindrical Hoppers, a nifty covered Rail Car seen throughout the country in the last half of the 20th century, and even today!  This month,  Sept. '22 , we're offering an updated D&RGW (Rio Grande) car.  All sorts of motive power have been released in Z Scale for Rio Grande  in the last twenty years, and I have reworked the graphics on the car.  Many of you have those wonderful F3's and F7's as well as the older hood units with Rio Grande  liveries and here's the chance to add on to your rosters with the correct era cars! 

     These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  The 2-pk. carries two new unique Reporting Numbers!


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