Burlington Woodchip Hopper 2-Pack Set #1

Burlington Woodchip Hopper 2-Pack Set #1

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33' Woodchip Ribside Hopper

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Reporting numbers: 190356 and 190359

Factory sold out !!!

Will here, with an  OPEN 33' RIB 2-BAY WOODCHIP HOPPER  from the Steam-to-Diesel Era of Railroading!  There was much new work involved in bringing you this  Sept. 2015  FT  offering.  Hay Brothers, Bowser Mfg., and Full Throttle each contributed development on a certain portion of the whole.  We are very proud of the results!  FT plans on releasing a new livery every several months throughout 2015-16.  We're concentrating on Rail Lines with an abundance of trackage and many spurs which would have taken trains into the North American hinterlands.  Here is the fourth WOODCHIP HOPPER offering.  Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, a great Northern USA freight hauler whose eventual BN System would have given even greater access to our Northern Forests.  The FT  WOODCHIP HOPPERS are based loosely on prototypes created by the existing Railroads around the Mid-Twentieth Century.  Because of the time and hand-work involved with the production of these WOODCHIP  HOPPER models they will be very limited in quantities! 

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