Candian Pacific Woodchip Hopper 2-Pack Set #1

Candian Pacific Woodchip Hopper 2-Pack Set #1

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Candian Pacific 
Reporting numbers: 357034 and 357073


And a new Offset-Side Woodchip Hopper!  When helpful and profitable uses for woodchips were realized after mid-century and they transcended being "trash," there was a scramble to figure out a way to transport them via the railroads.  Old hopper cars, both ribbed and offset were pressed into service.  The addition of "extended tops" made the transport of the lighter-than-coal chiploads effective and productive.  All manner of tops were conceived, from wood planking and braced ply-boards to welded steel sheeting and scrap siding.  This new woodchip hopper represents refurbished offset-side hoppers with a welded steel-side extension.  It's a swell addition to the FT Hopper Portfolio!  Candian Pacific  fans have been waiting for this one!  The 4-pk. makes an impressive little consist!  Hopper you like it!

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