Will's Wheels 50 Achsen Packung

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50 Metal Radsätze (25 Paar).
Kompatibel mit Micro-Trains und Full Throttle Drehgestellen.


Now, these wheelsets are compatible with Bowser and FT Z Scale trucks as well as MTL Z Scale trucks! Next, the fillet was made a bit smaller. The wheels are still self-centering in the track, but there is a bit more "slop" for them between track rails. This allows the wheelsets more room to navigate small radius track and also provides allowances for hand-laid track. The profile has been changed as well. Still featuring low profile flanges, there is a greater and longer "scoop" to the face, if you will, and thus we have a more prototypical appearance! Being metal, there is, naturally, an insulated wheel, and the weight lowers the center of gravity for Z Scale cars. Much better tracking is consequently afforded! Altogether, "Will's Wheels!" is an extraordinary product which grants super rolling for Z Scale cars, permits longer consists, and sounds wonderful on trackage!

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