Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #1

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34 Fuss Holzkühlwaggon

Pennsylvania RR - ICE Service

Betriebsnummern 498173 und 498182


Like so many others, when a young man, my Pop-Pop moved from a rural DelMarVa farming community to find work in the city.  Eventually he became a tire craftsman for Lee Tires of Conshohocken.  He and Nana took their vacations back to an Eastern Shore religious Cottage Community on Delaware's Coast.  They stayed in a Tent Commune spending time fishing, crabbing, visiting the homestead, swimming and sunning on the beaches.  During WWII he and my Pappy bought an unimproved cottage in town. I was raised there in the Summertime during the 1950's to the 1970's!  Among other dated facilities, we had a wooden Icebox with which to keep our food cool.  At the far end of town where the Rail Line came in was a small spur to the Ice House!  Cars like the one pictured above parked on that spur and unloaded blocks of Ice for our community to use in their Iceboxes!  The Ice House was a true landmark, it's business lasting up until the late 70's and the Ice House itself, remaining until near 2000, and I remember it vividly!  Will

     Here's the  AUG. '18  Offering.  The new body style, the 9000 Series.  A 34' Woodside Ice Reefer from the famous   PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD .  Especially suited for modest Scale layouts, this new FT car is the same size as the small FT hoppers!  Equipped with Full Throttle  couplerstrucks and metal wheelsets, a heavy weight has been added for flawless tracking.

A very Limited Run


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Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #1 Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #1
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Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #2 Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #2
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