Wood Reefer Mandan Creamery & Produce Co. MCPX 2000

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Mandan Creamery & Produce Co.
Road Number MCPX 2000

Factory sold out !!!

This 40’ wood-sheathed ice reefer with painted brown with reeefer yellow sides with lettering in black and red. Billboard sides are red and black. The car was built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in November 1927, serviced in April 1934, and runs on Bettendorf trucks. The Mandan Creamery & Produce Company of Mandan, ND, also leased NAC cars under its own MCPX reporting marks. MCPX 2000 was assigned to Mandan for a brief period beginning in April 1934. Billboard car side advertising was extensively used by meat packers, breweries and producers of food products from the 1920s thru 1938.

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