RARE! Canadian National Set #2

RARE! Canadian National Set #2

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Canadian National

black nudel design
Set #1: CN 379456 and 379477



Canada's largest and only transcontinental railway, Canadian National Railway Co.
(CNR before 1960, CN after) always embroiled between nationalization and privatization,
is today primarily a freight railroad headquartered in
Montreal, Quebec, whose slogan is
"North America's Railroad!"  CN passenger service was assumed by Via Rail in 1978. Created after 1918, CNR was comprised of a myriad of bankrupt, federally owned railways, and after acquiring many more Lines as CN, was finally privatized in 1995. The next decade found CN purchasing

Illinois Central and Wisconsin Central railways among other US Lines, and becoming a NAFTA

north-south railway, exporting Canadian raw materials into the US heartland and beyond to Mexico through an alliance with Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railway. In 1999, CN and BNSF intended a merger, but were thwarted by protests from a slew of North American rail companies including

Canadian Pacific and Union Pacific who applied political pressure, recalling "anti-trust" laws. CN has incorporated in the US as Grand Trunk Corp. for legal purposes, however operates entirely as CN, as can be seen in its locomotive and rail car repainting programs.


Two pair of  Covered 51' Cylindrical Hoppers  marked for  CANADIAN NATIONAL .  The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted to a slight sheen 

and equipped with the new Bowser Roller Bearing trucks featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers.  The bodies are gray and wear black data, immaculate, tiny and clean, in several sized fonts.  The CN "noodle" logo is prominent. 

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