70-Ton Hopper DT&I Set #2

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Detroit, Toledo and Ironton

Set #1 reporting numbers: 1617 and 1638

New offset-side 70-ton hoppers sharply dressed for the DT&I. Those interested in the Steel industry and especially the Auto industry will be thrilled. If you model the Great Lakes area of the USA and Canada, or the Midwest, these will also be welcomed!

The DT&I merger of the Detroit and Lima Northern Railway and the Ohio Southern Railway, was purchased by Henry Ford in 1920. This gave Ford strategic control of shipments of raw materials and finished goods to and from his factories in Dearborn, MI, because it connected with all the East-West Raillines throughout the Midwest! After battles with the ICC, In 1929 Ford sold the Line to the Pennsylvania RR, and it became an independent subsidiary until 1970. In 1955 the DT&I switched from Steam Locos to General Motors EMD Diesels, exclusively, and painted them bright orange! In 1980, the DT&I was acquired by the Grand Trunk Western Railroad (GTW). In 1997, much of the remaining trackage of the DT&I was sold to Railtex who operates it under their Indiana and Ohio Railway division.

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