RARE! 70-Ton Hopper Canadian Pacific Set #1

RARE! 70-Ton Hopper Canadian Pacific Set #1

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Canadian Pacific

Set #2 reporting numbers: CP 358335 and 358353


Here's a July '10 offering from FT. A Zeerrific 4-pk. of 70-ton offset hopper cars for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Our Northern USA and Canadian Z Hobbyists ought to be happy with this run.

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), known as CPRail (CP) between 1968 and 1996, has a rail network that stretches from Vancouver to Montreal, and also serves major cities in the USA such as Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City. Its headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta. Originally built between eastern Canada and British Columbia between 1881 and 1885, it is Canada's first transcontinental railway. Now CP is primarily a freight railway, since it's passenger services were eliminated in 1986 after being assumed by VIA Rail Canada in 1978. Since 1970, coal has become a major commodity hauled by CPR. Coal is shipped in unit trains from mines in the mountains of British Columbia to terminals at Vancouver, from where it is then shipped to Japan. The CPR hauls over 34 million tons of coal to the west coast each year.

Hello Canada and Northern USA! These coalers were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted black with a slight sheen inside and out, and equipped with custom Hay Bros. Garage coal loads. They sport the new Bowser Bettendorf Trucks featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers. The hoppers wear white printing, immaculate, tiny and clean, in several sized fonts and the Canadian Pacific Script logo.

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