Great Northern 70-ton 3-Bay Ribside Hopper Set-2

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Great Northern

70-ton Ribside Hopper

Betriebsnummern 70025, 70078

Diese Waggons sind aus Kunstoff von BOWSER produziert. Das Set enthält 2 Waggons. Kohlenladung von Hay Brothers Garage.

Full Throttle  models are packed with care into foam cradles, marketed as 2-pks. in 

clear plastic, stackable cases, and complete with colorful cardstock liners including the Railroad Herald and lots of model information!  All FT cars are weighted, use blackened/insulated metal wheelsets and wear knuckle couplers. The realistic loads are created by Hay Brothers.

Great Northern Railway was a colorful transcontinental Rail Line (1857-1970) which ran from Chicago northward along the USA/Canada border, serving both nations, and to Washington, Oregon and California on our West Coast. It's famous herald was of a mountain goat within a circle. It eventually merged with NPCB&Q, and SP&S to form the Burlington Northern Railroad until 1996 when the BN merged with ATSF to become BNSF.

Not long after the 50-ton, 2-bay hoppers were perfected, and with many improvements in railroad track, springs, trucks, and couplers along with ever more powerful steam locomotives, the want for a bigger, more economical hopper to haul the burgeoning coal industry's product led to the development of the 70-ton hopper. Many variations were tried between the early 1920s and to well after WWII, featuring a diverse number of ribs and panels of assorted sizes. FT has chosen the popular and common 9-panel type for a Z Scale version as it can be more easily adapted to the tiny lettering and data needed for this size. It's a 40-foot car, a swell size for Z, no bigger than the smallest of the steel boxcars!

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