The Ztrains Grassinator

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The package contains far more components than any other model on the market today. Each packages comes with:

-       The Ztrains Grassinator

-       12V DC Adapter

-       10’ Adapter Extension Cable

-       Potters Needle

-       Cork Tip

-       Screen Mesh Lid

-       Two-lid Accessory Pack

-       Extra Solid storage Lid

The Grassinator™ is a static grass applicator designed to help you get the best possible results when applying static grass to your scenic projects. We’ve included the 12VDC power supply, a power extension cable and a selection of lids for more precise grass application and to make your static grass experience as much fun as it should be!

We've powered the Grassinator™ with the included 12VDC power adapter rather than with a 9VDC battery because it provides maximum consistent power without worrying how much juice your battery has left.  You don’t want to be working with a weakened power source when applying static grass!
To make sure you have the freedom to move around when grassing, we’ve also included a 10’ extension cable for your 12V DC adapter’s 3’ long cable. This gives you a total of 13’ of freedom from wall wart to Grassinator™.

The alligator clip on the Grassinator™ may be attached to the included potter’s needle. We find this potter’s needle to be a great choice over a regular nail as it’s easy to handle (because it has a handle), it has a sharp point so it more easily sticks in to your scenery, and it leaves a smaller hole when removing it from your newly grassed area.

Additional Product Details:

  • High-grade silicone wire throughout our build for flexibility and higher temp handling.
  • Lighted LED power switch on the top of the Grassinator™ handle.
  • Custom cut 1/8th inch solid aluminum disc at the bottom of the grass container. This helps to generate a very even static field. 
  • The use of the included potter’s needle (for attaching the alligator clip to) makes moving around your layout faster and cleaner.
  • In addition to the regular, full-screen lid we now also include the 2-lid accessory pack, in addition to an extra storage lid. This makes storing your Grassinator™ less messy when there’s still grass in the container.
  • We use Schedule 40 PVC in our construction. This isn’t your typical home center PVC, this is what’s known as furniture grade PVC and it’s the same material used to build worktables, bike racks and furniture.
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