RARE - 50' Plug Door Box Car Santa Fe ATSF 55326

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50 Fuss Boxcar mit Plug Doors

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe

Betriebsnummer ATSF 55326 . .

(Das Bild zeigt beide Betriebsnummern, die jedoch separat bestellt werden müssen.)


These 50’ standard box cars with plug doors are painted brown with white ‘Circle/Cross’ logos and ‘Santa Fe lettering.’ Sides and ends are also in white. They were built in June 1956 by American Car & Foundry, serviced in August 1980, and run on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. These Class BX-186 cars were originally class RR-58 built in 1956 by AC&F; later they rebuilt by ATSF and renumbered into series 55273-55367.

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