Atlas N Scale GP38 and similar locos SoundFX

Artikel-Nr.: 9902SDN144A0

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SDN144A0 1 Amp N Scale Board Replacement Mobile/SoundFX/Function Decoder for Atlas N Scale GP38 and similar locos

Board replacement SoundFX®/motor/FX3 function decoder for N Scale Atlas GP38 diesels

  • Board replacement decoder for N Scale Atlas GP38 diesels
  • Preloaded with our GP38 sound scheme
  • 4 FX3 Functions

Visit Digitrax Sound Depot to learn how to customize the sound project in your decoder and how to download new sound projects.

  • 1 Amp Continuous/1.25 Amp Peak Rating
  • 10mm x 18mm 8 Ohm oval speaker
  • 100uF capacitor
  • Full Digitrax Series 4 mobile decoder feature set:
    • Speed Tables
    • Simplified Scaleable Back EMF
    • Advanced Consisting
    • Forward and Reverse Trim
    • Transponding
    • Supersonic Motor Drive
    • Decoder Lock and much more
  • Use PR3 and SoundLoader Software to download your own fully customizable sound scheme to the
  • No external sensor required for sound workload


Size:  2.63” x 0.37” x 0.128”
Installation: Board Replacement (read more)
Function Outputs: 4-200mA (read more)
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