Reading Blue Mountain & Northern 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper Set 1

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100ton Hopper - original by Pennzee

Reading Blue Mountain & Northern
Betriebsnummern 7228, 7269

Das Set enthält 2 Stck. 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper mit unterschiedlichen Betriebsnummern. Jeder Waggon ist mit einer unterschiedlichen Ladung von Hay Bros. Garage beladen.

I have a special fondness for this month's  Aug. '20  offering!  I lived at the foot of the Blue Mountain in the heart of the "Pennsylvania Dutch" region!  I used to do a show right by one of the small yards offering scenic steam engine rides up into the mountains, where a turntable was used to head the steamer back down into the valley!  Here is a pair of 100-ton hoppers used by the READING BLUE MOUNTAIN & NORTHERN RAILROAD to haul loads of anthracite coal from the mines north of Reading, PA to facilities dependent on that energy source.  A colorful and contemporary railroad!

Founded in 1983, headquartered in Port Clinton, PA, the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad (RBMN), AKA: Reading and Northern Railroad, is a contemporary regional railroad operating in eastern Pennsylvania. The RBMN provides freight service on 300 miles of track, with it's mainline consisting of the Reading Division between Reading and Packerton and the Lehigh Division between Lehighton and Dupont. The RBMN carries anthracite coal from the mines north of Reading, and runs passenger excursions along it's picturesque system. The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway (LGSR) is a tourist railroad that operates passenger excursions along the RBMN between Jim Thorpe and Lehigh Gorge State Park. The RBMN also hosts such trips from Reading and Port Clinton to Jim Thorpe. In 2010, due to natural gas drilling in northeastern PA, RBMN expanded operations, refurbishing the Pittston Yard, near Wilkes-Barre and purchasing several new locomotives.

These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  Hay Brothers has crafted the detailed coal loads.  The 2-pk.carries two new unique Reporting Numbers!

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