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Artikel-Nr.: MKLN-W2005

MÄRKLIN Sonderwagen Weihnachten 2005 in original Verpackung. Der Waggon ist in neuwertigem Zustand.


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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-994 21 100

Robot Christmas Trainset 2023

Micro-Trains Line is celebrating Christmas this year by featuring a new collectable train set that brings back the charm and wonder of the early 20th century tin type toys. Designed as a Robot repair train, three brightly colored robot-man cars are carrying vital bits and pieces to keep toys running long past Christmas morning. The set includes a brightly decorated locomotive and caboose to set your train in motion.

*packaged in family foam nest

Set includes

F7 Locomotive, three 40' gondolas with robot loads, 36' Steel Caboose

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-548 00 120

Christmas Car - Micro Mouse 2018

51’ Rivet Side Mechanical Reefer .

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-548 00 150

51’ Rivet Side Mechanical Reefer

Christmas 2022 Micro-Mouse

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-507 00 680

Micro-Mouse Christmas 2020 Car

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-507 00 700

Micro-Mouse Halloween 2021

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-507 00 710

Micro-Mouse Christmas 2021

Micro-Mouse has stars in his eyes after he opened his favorite present. A two-bay PS2 covered hopper in Z Scale made by the elves at Micro-Trains. Merry Christmas!

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Artikel-Nr.: MTL-507 00 740

Micro-Mouse Christmas 2023

‘Twas a Micro-Trains Christmas and all through the house… Not a creature was stirring except two Micro-Mice… Micro-Mouse struggles with his overly large haul of presents as his son quietly spies and learns the truth about Santa Claus: Parents make the magic of Christmas.


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