DZ123M0 DCC Decoder für Micro-Trains Z GP35/GP9

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"Plug & Play" DCC Decoder für die Micro-Trains GP35 und GP9 Spur Z Lokomotiven. Es wird einfach die Platine ausgetauscht - fertig!
1 Amp., 2 Funktionen, FX (amerikanische Beleuchtungsfunktionen), lastabhängig, eingebauter Transponder, Supersonic für Faulhabermotoren.
Handbuch in englisch!

This 2 function FX3 decoder is designed to fit MicroTrains Z scale GP35 / GP9 locos.
128 Speed Step operation (14 or 28 steps can also be used).
Momentum with acceleration and deceleration.
Normal Direction of Travel is user selectable.
3 Step Speed Tables set start, mid and max voltage for custom control.
28 Step Speed Tables with 256 level resolution for precise control.
SuperSonic™ motor drive for silent operation.
FX 3 Function outputs for prototypical lighting effects and on/off control:
Constant Brightness Lighting with directional or independent control
FX 3 & Standard Function Qualifiers operate functions based on direction, F0 on or off, direction and F0, and whether loco is moving.
Function Remapping for custom function setup.

Decoder Lock equipped
* All Mode Programming with Operations Mode Read Back reads back CV values right on the mainline.
* Decoder Reset CV with or without speed table reset.
* Motor Isolation Protection prevents damage to your decoder.
* Basic, Advanced & UniVersal Consisting
* 2 Digit and 4 Digit Addressing
* DCC Compatible
* FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant

Current Rating 1.00 Amp (2.0 Amps Peak)
Size 0.36” x 0.55 x 0.13” 9.14mm x 13.97mm x 3.3mm
Installation Plug'N Play
Function Outputs 2-500mA
Function Type FX3 Features
Economy Series 3

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