ACF 4Bay Hopper FPCX Set #1

Artikel-Nr.: AZL-90701-1

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FPCX Set #1.

Built in the early 1970s by ACF® to haul plastics and different types of granular commodities, AZL's model represents the post-1971 version of the ACF® 5250 4-Bay Covered Hopper Car that was used by railroads and private shippers across North America.Our first release is for the chemical and vinyl trade: The FPCX (Oxy Vinyls LP) Hopper.

Road numbers: FPCX 70038, 70042, 70045, and 70053. Four cars per set. Roller Bearing trucks w/metal wheels. Super detailed!

This is a limited production with only 75 of each released.

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