Santa Fe - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #2

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34 Fuss Holzkühlwaggon - neuere Bauform

Santa Fe

Betriebsnummern ATSF ##732, 739

Kommen im Dezember mit Set 1

A very exciting addition this month for your rosters.   Nov. '22   One of our favorites... Santa Fe !

These sweet little rebuilts, still bearing the old livery, were useful from the steam to early diesel era finding homes on spurs and short lines throughout the West.  This is a 2-pk. but please don't over-order, as there will be another 2-pk. of them available in Dec. '22, next month, with two different reporting numbers.  Due to circumstance, I was only able to complete one set for this month. (hurricanes) In the end, the 4-pk. will have been offered.  Track On!


Note:  My Faithful Patrons,

     You will see a price increase of $1 per car on certain models.  I lease two molds from their owners.  Due to our economic and supply-chain woes, the cost of materials has skyrocketed.  This has been passed down to me.  I've eaten the difference on my personal models but can't on the models I lease from others.  I hope you will understand my predicament and accept the slight increase.  As always, I thank you for your loyalty to Full Throttle models and the fervor of which you have let me enjoy.    Faithfully, Will


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