CSXT 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper Set 1

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100ton Hopper - original by Pennzee

Betriebsnummern 800428, 800522


Das Set enthält 2 Stck. 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper mit unterschiedlichen Betriebsnummern. Jeder Waggon ist mit einer unterschiedlichen Ladung von Hay Bros. Garage beladen.

As promised FT  is intent on producing all four liveries for these State-of-the Art coal hoppers when 

 CSX Transportation  became it's own entity in the 1980's.  This  MAY '21  offering represents the first purchases by  CSXT  for, what was to become, their immense coaling fleet!  With the advent of Rotary Couplers and Revolving Dumping these cars, today, remain a staple for hauling super-large quantities of coal to electric plants and other coal-burning facilities. These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  Hay Brothers has crafted the detailed coal loads.  The 2-pk.carries two new unique Reporting Numbers!

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