DZ143PS DCC Decoder w/Medium Plug

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DZ143 Z Scale Mobile Decoder


* Digitrax LocoMotion™ System
Your locomotives look like the real thing. The Digitrax LocoMotion™ System makes them run like the real thing, too!
Torque Compensation for smooth as silk silent operation.
128 Speed Step operation (14 or 28 steps can also be used).
Momentum with acceleration and deceleration.
Normal Direction of Travel is user selectable.
Switching Speed feature for easier and faster access to yard speeds.
3 Step Speed Tables set start, mid and max voltage for custom control.
28 Step Speed Tables with 256 level resolution for precise control.
* Scaleable Speed Stabilization (Back EMF) with simple setup & 256 level resolution.
SuperSonic™ motor drive for silent operation.

FX 3 Function outputs for prototypical lighting effects and on/off control:
Constant Brightness Lighting with directional or independent control
Realistic Effects like Ditch lights, Mars lights, strobes, and many more.
FX 3 & Standard Function Qualifiers operate functions based on direction, F0 on or off, direction and F0, and whether loco is moving.
Function Remapping for custom function setup.
Master Light Switch turns off all lights & functions with one keystroke.
Advanced Consist Function Controls

Decoder Lock equipped
* Transponder equipped ready for transponding on your layout.
* All Mode Programming with Operations Mode Read Back reads back CV values right on the mainline.
* Decoder Reset CV with or without speed table reset.
* Motor Isolation Protection prevents damage to your decoder.
* Basic, Advanced & UniVersal Consisting
* 2 Digit and 4 Digit Addressing
* Works with most DCC-ready Z, N, and HO scale locomotives up to 18V track voltage
* DCC Compatible
* FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant

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