Colector Pack 61 - AMERICAN REEFERS

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34' Woodside updated Reefer

Western Pacific - Ice Car 7049

Fruit Growers Express - 42327

There are only 40 such 2-pks. available

HOT? Try these reefers!   Aug. '22   Full Throttle  has a pair of rebuilt reefers which roamed the face of our Country during the first half of the 1900's!  The WESTERN PACIFIC covered our Southwestern and West Coast States, while the FRUIT GROWERS EXPRESS, originally the East and Midwest version of PACIFIC FRUIT EXPRESS, eventually expanded into the Northwest and Western States in competition!  Ice, produce and meats were made available across the USA with these reefers and our nation's population certainly grew!  A wonderful COLLECTOR PACK for our Z Scale runners and welcome on any tracks.  Enjoy!  


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