Dunkirk Interlocking Yard Tower

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Archistories North American Interlocking Yard Tower Kit
Brick towers such as these can be found across North America. They are used for switch control and to 
guard railroad crossings. The inspiration for the kit came from the ‘castle’ tower in Dunkirk, Ohio. 
This tower is located at the Dunkirk crossing where a north-south line intersects an east-west line. 
The tower represents a later version of the tower where the roof was removed and replaced with a flat 

The second version of the kit is inspired by the tower in Haley, Indiana. It has the more traditional roof with overhang. This look represents the towers as they were originally built.

The kit is manufactured from architectural cardstock. All parts come pre-colored so no painting is required.  Signage is part of the kit. Illustrated instructions are included. Dimensions: approx. 28×25×40 (L×W×H in mm without stairs).



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