Conrail Greenville 60´ Boxcar #221012

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Greenville 60´ Boxcar


Roadnumber 221012

AZL’s all new body style is here! These are 60’ Greenville 7100 boxcars. These cars began their service in 1973. They were first used for the transport of auto-parts and placed into pool service. These cars would travel the country to deliver components to the car factories. The ‘322’ on the cars designated that they were assigned to the Ford motor plant in Lima, Ohio. In later years, these cars were repurposed to carry a variety of loads. They can still be found on the rails over 30 years after they first started their service.


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Conrail Greenville 60´ Boxcar #SET Conrail Greenville 60´ Boxcar #SET
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