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New Digital decoder, the smallest one, with wires

Product no.: ZDL-ZM05A-2

69.62 *
In stock

New Digital decoder, the smallest one, w/o wires

Product no.: ZDL-ZM05A-1

61.88 *
Order possible

New SDH167D Series 7 Sound Decoder

Product no.: 9902SDH167D

49.52 *

New Digital decoder for AZL EMD SD40 Series Diesel Locomotives

Product no.: ZDL-AZL-SD40

116.03 *
Order possible

New SOUND Digital-Lokdecoder for AZL Budd Raildiesel Car

Product no.: ZDL-AZL-BUDD

232.05 *
Order possible
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Small series decoders for selected Z gauge models