MKT SW1500 #51

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Missouri Kansas Texas #51

Produced by EMD between 1966 and 1974, a total of 808 SW1500 switchers were produced. Over 60 railroads ordered these locomotives including the majority of the class 1 railroads. The SW1500 was rated at 1,500h. While chiefly a freight locomotive, the SW1500s would see limited passenger service as well on the commuter railroads. Through the years, the locomotive would be passed on to a number of railroads and short-lines. The design and reliability of these locomotives comes through when you consider large numbers are still in useSouthern Pacific #2575 Kodachrome today, nearly 55 years after they were first released.


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Digital decoder for AZL EMD SW Series Diesel Locomotives Digital decoder for AZL EMD SW Series Diesel Locomotives
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