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L&N 33' Open Rib-Side 2-Bay Hopper
Set #2 reporting numbers: 89633 and 89652

We have a small but dynamite production of L&N open 2-bay rib-side hoppers, a limited amount available.

Around the bend in the L&N
They loaded it down with a lot of men
The whistle blow and through the switch
Nobody knew just-a which one switch
I'm ridin', ridin' on the L&N
I ain't jivin', ridin' on the L&N

The venerable L&N became a huge RR and later affiliated with the SCL, then named The Family Lines. Eventually it was absorbed by the Chessie, giving the modern CSX trackage all over the Southern USA! A stunning model, needed for our Appalachian and Southern USA Z Scalers. The printing, white on a deep rust car, features three different size fonts for the data, all crisp and clear.

Set #1 reporting numbers: 89607 and 89638

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