Hollywood - 2pck Set #1

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Covered 51' Cylindrical Hoppers
Roadnumbers NAHX 73952 and 73953

After WWII, USA Railroads were increasingly called upon to haul new and unique "modern" products over long distances. In response, American Car and Foundry (ACF) designed a tank-type "Center Flow" covered hopper car. Here was a "Freight Car for the Future," ready to transport sugar, cement, sand, salt, fertilizers, many types of grains, coke, starch, feeds, chemicals and plastics! 

In 1933Frank Martoccio changed the name of his Confectionery Co. to Hollywood Brands moving to Centralia, IL in 1938. Using only the best ingredients he invented 

fluffy nougat and a synthetic coating for candy bars which he used on his white "ZERO" bars to keep them from melting in hot weather. His "Hollywood" bars were a delicious combination of dark chocolate, carmel, nougat and peanuts. In 1967 Hollywood Brands was sold to Consolidated Foods, later Sara Lee.

The candy industry just loved these new ACF Cylindrical hoppers!  They were very handy for transport of many confectioner's supplies, specifically, sugar and, of course, peanuts!  When I was a small boy, Hollywood Bars were a true delight...a great after school treat!  Another fun addition in the tradition of the old TYCO "Brown Box" series,  Full Throttle presents a Hollywood Cylindrical Hopper! Equipped with Full Throttle couplerstrucks and metal wheelsets, a heavy weight has been added for flawless tracking.  A fun addition to your layout for this Christmas Time!

Full Throttle models are packed with care into foam cradles, marketed as 2-pks. in clear plastic, stackable cases, and complete with colorful cardstock liners including the Railroad Herald and lots of model information!  All FT cars are weighted and wear knuckle couplers

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