New York Central / Penn Central Collector Set

Product no.: FT-COL7B

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ACF Covered 51' Cylindrical Hoppers

New York Central / Penn Central Collector Set

Roadnumbers: NYC # 885924, PC #884366

Over the years Full Throttle  has offered PENN CENTRAL models, both by themselves and in companion collector sets with various confederates.  My fascination with the Line comes honestly!  Living in Pennsylvania and my father, as a young man, having worked for the N&W RR in the PRR headquarters in Philadelphia, witnessing the amalgamation of three major competitive Railroads, and all their mergers into one, was a very BIG DEAL!  Though the union lasted only a few short years, to see railcar liveries of many well-known Lines hitched together in consists was a wonder to the senses!  How interesting to the railfans throughout the Northeast USA!  An incredible Swan Song!  Because of recent interest and availability of Z Scale motive power for PENN CENTRAL and the ease of painting/decaling one's own locos to the PC liveries, in 2007 FT  began to release model rail cars dressed for the PENN CENTRAL.  Here's a nifty Collector 2-pk. featuring our updated Cylindricals, one in PC garb and the other for the acquired NEW YORK CENTRAL!

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