TSU-750 EMD Locos with Prime Mover 710

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This sound decoder is recommended for installation in models representig EMD prototypes which were manufactured with the EMD 710 Prime Mover (offen refered to as EMD 3rd Generation).
Suitable for the following prototypes and more: GP59, GP60, GP60M, SD70, SD70M, SD70MAC, SD70M-2, SD75M, SD75I, SD80MAC, SD90MAC, F59PH
Includes the following Airhorns:
Wabco E2
Leslie S2M, S3L, S5T, RS3L, RS5T
Nathan K3L, K3LA, K5LA, M3, M5, P3, P5 (modern), P5A
Holden M3H, K5H


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