70-Ton Hopper SOO Set #2

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WDW (FT) #4015
Open 40' 70-Ton Offset-Side Hopper

Roadnumbers Set #2 Nos. 68533 and 68542

Here's a Sept. '10 offering from FT. A Zeerrific 4-pk. of 70-ton offset hopper cars for the SOO LINE RAILROAD (SOO). Our Northern USA and Canadian Z Hobbyists ought to be happy with this run.

The SOO LINE RAILROAD (SOO) is the USA arm of the Canadian Pacific Railway, serving Chicago and the areas to the east (IL and IN) and west (MI, WI, MN) as far as North Dakota. Formerly known as Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway (and commonly known as the Soo Line after the phonetic pronunciation of Sault), the present name was adopted as a trade name in 1950. In the 1960's, after some consolidation of various subsidiary northern USA Rail Lines, it was reorganized under the name SOO. The Milwaukee Road and the Delaware and Hudson were two large Railroads of the USA acquired by CP whose trackage became part of the SOO. The SOO has some trackage rights over both the Norfolk Southern and BNSF Railways, with haulage rights over some of CSX Transportation tracks. The Soo Line is currently a part of the Canadian Pacific Railway system. Today, more and more Soo Line equipment is being repainted into the Canadian Pacific current paint scheme, slowly erasing the SOO identity as a subsidiary railroad.

Hello Northern USA and Canada! These coalers were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted black with a slight sheen inside and out, and equipped with custom Hay Bros. Garage coal loads. They sport the new Bowser Bettendorf Trucks featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers. The hoppers wear white printing, immaculate, tiny and clean, in several sized fonts appearing on a dark red-brown base and the big SOO LINE logo.

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