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06/15/2024: New Model from AZL, the Airslide Hopper.

05/06/2024: The Evans Boxcars are on the Water and arrive at ATLAS soon. 
Than they come to us.

05/01/2024: First series of the Budd-Sounddecoder is already sold out. 
Preorder now for the next series.

02/16/2024: All ESU products are now available from us.

02/13/2024: Zmodell offers the smallest DCC decoder in the world.

01/21/2024: New locomotive model from AZL, the EMD SD40T-2 Ttunnelmotor.

10/15/2024: MTL delivers the first 2 cars of its own MTL railway company. Very interesting for a private railway. The cars had to be pre-ordered. Subsequent delivery is not guaranteed.

01/02/2024: New Model from AZL: The ORTNER Hopper Cars

12/10/2023: The new model from Full Throttle is a 70 ton 3-Bay-Hopper with Heap Shields. The first Railroad is ALASKA.

12/08/2023: AZL is coming with a new locomotiv model, the EMD SD40-2. First Company is Union Pacific with 3 Road Numbers. A special fitting DCC decoder will be soon available at CASE HOBBiES.- with power storage!

12/01/2023: MTL starts the Poultry and Eggs Series. The first car is shipped by MTL. Guaranteed delivery only to Pre-Orders.

11/29/2023: ATLAS Flex-Track is in stock.

The ATLAS Evans Boxcars can still be ordered, although the order window is already closed!

09/11/2023: AZL showcased new products during the NTS. Here is the link:

09/01/2023: ATLAS is the NEW Company for Z scale freight cars. Pre-Order NOW!!

09/01/2023: Full Throttle releases their next Beer Car: ATLAS Beer!!

08/01/2023: MTL takes pre-orders for the F7 and caboose from the WAR OFF THE WORLDS series. Beginning in December are 6 reefers coming from the POULTRY & EGGS series.

07/01/2023:  its new MTL Line, the 2023 Christmas Train, and the UP ArrowWedge. Order dead line is July 31st.

06/23/2023: Full Throttle starts his 3rd series of Reefers: BEER!

05/26/2023: AZL offers the Union Pacific City of Los Angeles.

04/23/2023: New Bodystile from AZL, the HEAVYWEIGHT COMBINE COACHES

04/15/2023: In honor of the merger of the KCS and the CP, AZL brings you two E8s! The merger went into effect yesterday – 4/14/23.  Two A units are available.

03/21/2023: NEW tooling from AZL: Trinity RAF 53C Spine Cars.

03/12/2023: A new shipping from Digitrax has arrived!

12/08/2022: CASE HOBBiES:  We only received the TTX container cars 540 00 015 + 540 00 016.

What about the others?

MTL: My apologies, the other 540 series road names haven’t been released yet.

11/01/2022: Micro-Trains produces passenger cars again. Begining of delivery is scheduled for February 2023. The cars must be pre-ordered by November 30th, 2022!

10/08/2022: Full Throttle is producing the Santa Fe 100ton Hopper Car for the very last time!!! Ultra limited edition!

09/23/2022: The MTL 540s container cars have been delaid until Mid-October, some until November.

09/01/2022: Digitrax has a new Commandstation DCS 240+ and a new Signaldecoder SE74.

09/01/2022: American Z Line has published a video showcasing upcoming new projects and future releases:

09/01/2022: Micro-Trains now finally wants to deliver the container cars in the middle of the month after they had been announced several times.

09/01/2022: Digitrax has the DZ126Z1 Z Scale DCC Board Replacement decoder for AZL PA1 locomotive.

08/22/2022: Full Throttle releases a new Hopper Model.

08/08/2022: ZMODELL: Decoders for the AZL SW-1500 Series are in stock. More follow soon.

08/01/2022: MTL - New pre-orders for the 50' Ribside Boxcars only until August 31st 2022!