CSX / Western Maryland 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper Set 1

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100ton Hopper - original by Pennzee

CSX / Western Maryland
Roadnumbers 830091, 830168


     A final  Apr. '21   offering brings Open 100-Ton Hoppers for  CSXT !  These were the State-of-the Art coal hoppers when  CSX Transportation  became it's own entity in the 1980's.  After inheriting many, many 100-Tonners from all their mergers, an aggressive purchasing program ensued to create a most formidable coaling fleet!  With the advent of Rotary Dumping these cars, today, remain a staple for hauling super-large quantities of coal to electric plants and other coal-burning facilities.  Honoring the three integral Rail Lines (WM, B&O, C&O) forming the  CSXT  conglomerate, the reporting marks of each was kept as part of the identification of the older cars.  I intend to produce them all, and to start with are the 100-Ton coalers previously owned by the Western Maryland Railway!

When CSX Transportation (CSXT), one of our four primary National rail lines, finally gained it's own identity in 1987, an energetic purchasing and repainting program began. Big 100-Ton hoppers were added to a whopping fleet acquired from all the mergers. As tribute to three main Railroads of the consolidation, CSX kept the reporting marks of each as part of the identification of the inherited cars! (WMC&OB&O) Here's a pair of the massive hoppers originally employed by Western Maryland Railway.
Western Maryland Railway (WM) operated in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and was primarily a coal hauling and freight railroad, with a small passenger train operation. The lumber trade was also important to the WM and it's fast freight service was appreciated by the clients. In 1964, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) jointly filed for permission to acquire control of the Western Maryland Railway and it became part of the Chessie System which, eventually in 1987, became part of CSX Transportation.

These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  Hay Brothers has crafted the detailed coal loads.  The 2-pk.carries two new unique Reporting Numbers!

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