PR4 USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer

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The PR4 makes decoder programming and interfacing your layout and computer easier than ever. The PR4 seamlessly switches between computer interface and decoder programming modes automatically without having to press any buttons. The PR4 is electrically isolated between USB and LocoNet for added stability and protection. Packaged in a smaller footprint the PR4 offers all the same great features as the PR3 it replaces.


  • Multifunction USB to LocoNet connectivity for your railroad.

  • Optimized for Direct mode, up to 3 times faster than PR3.

  • Electrically Isolated between USB and LocoNet.

  • Digitrax “SoundLoader” compatible. Programs Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders.

  • Programs CV’s for most DCC decoders.

  • LocoNet MS100 mode with Fully Buffered Input and Output data.

  • Runs on most Operating systems.

  • Automatic configuration. No jumpers or switches required.

  • Standalone operation for CV and SoundFX programming without needing a Digitrax Command Station.

  • LED state indicator lights.

  • Small, convenient package.

  • Firmware updates available from Digitrax Web site.

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