70ton Hoppers Collector Set #48 Virginias Coalers

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70ton Ribside Hoppers

Collector Set #48

Virginian #5263

Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway #2035

A most beautiful new land of rivers and streams, mountains and valleys, forests and glades, plentiful in game and resources...a quite lovely and habitable expanse!  This is how our forefathers spoke about the VIRGINIAs!  Who could argue!  And so settlement began! 

FT  brings a collector set of Appalachian Virginias coal hoppers.

They employ FT 's own trucks and knuckle couplers with the smaller housing, Will's metal wheelsets, and for a realistic touch, Hay Brothers Custom Loads! This is a Collector  2-pk. issued with 2 unique reporting numbers. 

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