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Artikel-Nr.: 9902UP7
  • Plug and Play Universal fascia panel supporting LocoNet.
  • Two RJ12 front panel Throttle jacks.
  • Three RJ12 rear pass-through LocoNet jacks
  • Supports throttle charging.
  • Fully connectorized installation.
  • 2mm rear plug for e.g. PS14 DC power supply.
  • 4-pin rear plug option to share DC power.
  • Track Status LED.
  • Updated design.
  • Replaces UP5 LocoNet Universal Interconnect Panel.
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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DS74

Der DS74 ermöglicht die Weichen-Steuerunge durch jedes DCC-System. 4 Weichen können je DS74 angeschlossen werden. Der Typ der Weichen (mit oder ohne lngsamen Motorantrieb) kann eingestellt werden. Ausserdem sind Anschlüsse für analoge Weichenschaltung vorhanden.
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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DSXCP1
  • Fascia mount Switch control device.

  • Wire to DS74 input cable, or use DSXC4 for plug and play.

  • Two color leds display current Switch state.

  • Supplied with 3 wire control cable.


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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DSXC4
  • Input interconnect board for DS74.

  • Provides plug and play connectivity for DS74 inputs.

  • Supplied with ribbon cable to plug into DS74 10 pin Input header.

  • Allows plug-in of up to 4 DSXCP1 fascia controls.

  • Direct ribbon cable plug-in header to BD4N detectors.

  • 8 pin screw terminal plug for optional wire access to 8 input lines.


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Artikel-Nr.: 9902PM74
  • 4 Power Manager sub-districts.
  • Upgraded replacement for PM42, fully encased.
  • Fully connectorized installation.
  • Each Power sub-district / Detection Section (DS) supports Auto-reverse or Short circuit management.
  • Each DS supports Occupancy detection.
  • Each DS supports Transponding detection.
  • Allows Mainline CV Read/Write program of compatible decoders.
  • Remote LED status support.
  • Series7 style advanced installation support using DT602.
  • Replaces PM42 Quad Power Manager.
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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DS78V

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  • Eight 9G servo decoder for 2-position Slow-motion turnouts.

  • Configurable to control eight 3-position semaphores.

  • Works with compatible LocoNet Systems.

  • Plug and play connections.

  • Option setup switches for configuration.

  • On-layout remote programmability via LocoNet.


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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DZ126Z1

Board Replacement Decoder for American Z Line (AZL) Alco PAs.

  • 1 Amp with 2 FX3 Functions.
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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DSXSV9

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DSXSV9 9G Turnout or motion control servo with mount bracket and installation hardware

  • 9G mini servo system for turnout or motion control.

  • Under layout mounting bracket included.

  • Compact install for tight N scale switches, and decks.

  • Includes pre-formed drive wires.

  • Supplied with mount hardware.


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Artikel-Nr.: 9902DCS240+

DCS 240+
Kommandostation und 5 oder 8 Amp. Booster (Ampere abhängig vom Netzteil).

Für gehobene Ansprüche.

400 Lokomotiven + 400 Fahrregler und gleichzeitige Programmierung möglich

3 LocoNet(R) Anschluesse.


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Artikel-Nr.: 9902SE74
  • Fully connectorized installation.
  • Optional support for DCC 9-Aspect control mode, including Lunars.
  • Easy setup with Option Switches and LocoNet programming.
  • Configurable for four solenoid or four slow-motion turnout control.
  • 8 Input lines for local control and sensors.
  • 8 System routes with 8 entries each.
  • Advanced LocoNet configuration capability with Series7 style installation support using a DT602.
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