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Due to the fact that several customers have not or only partially accepted their 
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The worsening euro-dollar exchange rate and the rising prices and costs (also 
in the USA) are forcing us to block goods that are not in stock for direct orders. 
These goods can only be requested by email. If delivery is possible, the price will
be communicated and a binding order will be requested. AFTER payment of the
goods we order from the supplier!

Please check this side often for News and to order new articles.

RARE & SUPER RARE: New rare cars and locomotives from various railway companies 
almost each week!

Deliveries from the US currently take abaout 3 to 4 weeks. 
With DCC it can take up to 2 month and more because of the worldwide chip shortage.

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09/23/2022: The MTL 540s container cars have been delaid until October.

09/01/2022: Digitrax has a new Commandstation DCS 240+ and a new Signaldecoder SE74.

09/01/2022: American Z Line has published a video showcasing upcoming new projects and future releases: https://youtu.be/r1deprtNxGA

09/01/2022: Micro-Trains now finally wants to deliver the container cars in the middle of the month after they had been announced several times.

09/01/2022: Digitrax has the DZ126Z1 Z Scale DCC Board Replacement decoder for AZL PA1 locomotive.

08/22/2022: Full Throttle releases a new Hopper Model.

08/08/2022: ZMODELL: Decoders for the AZL SW-1500 Series are in stock. More follow soon.

08/01/2022: MTL - New pre-orders for the 50' Ribside Boxcars only until August 31st 2022!

06/10/2022: ZMODELL: Decoders for the AZL SW-1500 Series are planned for autumn 2022. We are testing first Prototypes. You can order your quantity by mail.

04/09/2022: AZL offers the 20th Century Limited together with maching PA Units. Also there is the SW1500 named for BNSF, only available for Subscribers, and a a wine tank car.

02/24/2022: Because of the actual situation in the Ukraine, we cannot take orders for non-stock items for our supplier ZMODELL.

02/15/2022: MTLs container cars are delayed. LICENSING ENDING--LAST CHANCE to order Amtrak Passenger Set MTL-994 01 240.

02/10/2022: The Ztrack/AZL server is currently down. Probably because of the storms that were going on there. As a result, we cannot place any orders there and they cannot ship from there. - 02/15/2022 it's running again -

02/06/2022: NEW supplier ZMODELL: decoder for AZL Alco RS Series, replacement LED for AZL/Märklin E Series, and various accessories.

01/15/2022: ALCO PA's from AZL are coming soon. We don't have a delivery or pre-order plan from AZL so far.

11/05/2021: Micro-Trains PRE-ORDER: UP MOW Tie-Loader 5-pk

11/05/2021: Again we have Z scale Bowser metal wheels from Full Throttle.

11/05/2021: Digitrax has shipped DZ123Z0 and other articles.

10/19/2021: Because of the worldwide chip shortage VELMO can ship products not before Mid February 2022!

10/10/2021: Since the inception of Z scale, US modelers have asked the question, when will a true switcher be commercially available? Today is the day. AZL is excited to announce the immediate release of SW1500s.

10/05/2021: Digitrax releases the DS78V Stationary Servo Decoder & DSXSV9 Servo. 16 System Routes, with EZ-Route setup.

09/17/2021: While Atlas has increased the prices for the tracks, Micro-Trains has drastically reduced the price for the Flex-Track!

09/16/2021: Digitrax introduces the new Switch Controler DS74 with additional Facia mount Switch and Input interconnect board. In addition there is a new Throttle Holder for the UT6 and DT602 series.

09/15/2021: Beside the ALCO PA AZL has announced the EMD SD40-2.

09/09/2021: We have got an additional shipment from Full Throttle. All articles are only with one piece in stock and they are out of production. Have a look under New Items Full Throttle.

07/20/2021: AZL was able to source clips for Digitrax to continue with the DZ123Z0 decoder!

06/01/2021: ATTENTION Pre-Order ! Micro-Trains is taking Pre-Orders for Container Cars. Accepting Pre-Orders through July 31st. TARGET RELEASE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER.

05/23/2021: The Pre-Ordered AZL Santa Fe F7 ABBA Sets are on the way to us. There are limited Sets in stock at AZL. The road numbers selected represent the actual locomotive road numbers used to pull the Super Chief trains.

04/04/2021: NEW BODY STYLE – EMD E7s!

04/01/2021: ATTENTION Pre-Order ! Micro-Trains is taking Pre-Orders for Bulkhead-Flatcars. Release is September 2021. Also there is a reservation for an Amtrak Passenger Car Set, release in August 2021.

03/01/2021: New tank car model from AZL

02/16/2021: AZL takes pre-orders until February 21st for a 2nd release of the ATSF F7s for the Super Chief.

02/13/2021: AZL releases the SUPER CHIEF as 8 car set plus 4 car add-on set. To Trains with different roadnumbers are available. The matching F7A and B units were sold out in the same night.