Deliveries from the US currently take 1 to 2 month.

Please be patient while the slideshow of the NEW ARTICLES is downloaded. 



04/04/2021: NEW BODY STYLE – EMD E7s!

04/01/2021: ATTENTION Pre-Order until April 30th! Micro-Trains is taking Pre-Orders for Bulkhead-Flatcars. Release is September 2021. Also there is a reservation for an Amtrak Passenger Car Set, release in August 2021.

03/01/2021: New tank car model from AZL

02/16/2021: AZL takes pre-orders until February 21st for a 2nd release of the ATSF F7s for the Super Chief.

02/13/2021: AZL releases the SUPER CHIEF as 8 car set plus 4 car add-on set. To Trains with different roadnumbers are available. The matching F7A and B units were sold out in the same night.

02/13/2021: DHL is picking up the shippings again

02/08/2021: Due to the weather situation, we are currently unable to deliver. Our farm is snowed in.

01/16/2021: ReRelease AZL Maxi-I BNSF Herald Container Cars with 5 GENSTAR containers. ONLY A VERY LIMITED QUANTITY IS AVAILABLE!

01/06/2021: The Micro-Trains new items for June/July are ready to pre-order.

12/05/2020: Digitrax's new Throttle Series UT6 and new BD4N Block Detector

11/15/2020: Tortoise Switch Machines and Throttle Holder now available (DCC)