CSX - Chessie WM / FAMILY LINES - 70-Ton Hopper Set #1

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70-Ton Offset- and Ribbed-Side Hoppers w/HEAP SHIELDS NEW


#SCL 163022, #WM 71127

FT versendet an uns am 24.2.2024

Recently, I've become very involved with the "HEAP SHIELD" feature designed for hoppers in mountainous regions or for "Fast Freight" consists.  These shields were adjuncts to prevent spillage and excess waste, while also affording more copious coal loads.  This month, Full Throttle  offers two 70-Ton, 3-Bay models from fleets amassed by CSX!  Wonderful additions to your CSX rosters, one is an offset-side from the FAMILY LINES System and the other a rib-side Western Maryland from the Chessie System.  You might notice two different styles of shields on the cars! 


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