Pennsylvania RR - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #2

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34 Fuss Holzkühlwaggon

Pennsylvania RR

Betriebsnummern PRR 89625 + 89638

Made it through the hurricane!  Have a Happy!

     And now  NOV. '17 , and a new  9000 Series  model, PENNSY, the consummate standard for all USA Rail Lines!  The PENNSY is one of the most popular Railroads of the model train hobby, collected and operated by Z Scalers from all over the country and the world.  Hope you like this dramatic, stunning new addition to our hobby!

Full Throttle brings a nifty new car style to the Z Scale hobby. We've taken the "old-timey" woodside reefers introduced by Father Nature and performed the same refurbishing that railroads had applied, to extend the usefulness of these dated cars. We've (hypothetically) upgraded the truss rod frame with a steel frame, and replaced Archbar or Andrews trucks to newer Bettendorf types. These venerable and useful cars would be employed in freight/produce or reefer/ice operation through WWII and into the early diesel era, especially on short lines and spurs. Here's a splendid small freight car for your Z Scale action!    

Faithfully, Will

A 34' woodside reefer from the classic PENNSY RR.  Especially suited for modest Z Scale layouts, this new FT car is the same size as the small FT hoppers!  Equipped with Full Throttle couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets, a heavy weight has been added for flawless tracking.

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