Miller Beer - 34' Woodside updated Reefer Set #1

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34 Fuss Holzkühlwaggon - neuere Bauform

Miller Beer

Betriebsnummern URTC 93132, 93135

As explained in a previous Blurb, ten years ago, here at FT , I made three series of drawings for the newly acquired 34' Woodside Reefers.  The first was the Railroad Series (9000) of which we've had many offerings, since.  The second series was a Food Series (9200) in which meats, poultrydairy, and produce would be featured, and was finally introduced this year!  This month's offering is the first of the third series, Beers (9400).  Affectionately called Beer Wagons, we're starting out with a simple but nationally known prototype livery for the Pride of Milwaukee, Miller Beer!  I hope you enjoy this new series of reefers and will find room on your rosters for them.  

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