40' Standard Box Car Single Door "Missouri-Kansas-Texas®" MKT 97664

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MKT 97664

Factory sold out !!!

These 40’ standard box cars with single doors are painted brown with white lettering and white ‘The Katy Serves the Southwest’ heralds. They were built in November 1956 and run on black Bettendorf trucks. The Missouri- Kansas-Texas Railroad (known as the MKT, or Katy) began as the Union Pacific Railway (no corporate relation to the Union Pacific of today) in 1865. It was the first railroad to enter Texas from the north. It was purchased in 1988 by MoPac, a subsidiary of the modern Union Pacific. “The Katy was a publicity conscious railroad, at one time having staged construction races and even head-on collisions (e.g. the famous Crash at Crush, Texas in 1896).”

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