Farm Feed II Set #1 SHPX 61328, 1403

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ACF Covered 51' Cylindrical Hoppers

Farm Feed II

Roadnumbers: (Purina) SHPX 61328, (F&R) SHPX 140

After WWIIAmerican Car and Foundry (ACF) designed a tank-type "Center Flow" covered hopper car to carry "modern" products. Here was a "Freight Car for the Future," ready to transport sugar, cement, sand, salt, fertilizers, many types of grains, coke, starch, feeds, chemicals and plastics! 

SHPX is a reporting mark for the leasing division of ACF Industries.

In 1894, William H. Danforth began producing feed for various farm animals under the name Purina Mills. The predominant brand for each animal was generally referred to as "Chow"; hence there was "Purina" Horse, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Pig and even Monkey "Chow". in 1902, he merged with university professor Webster Edgerly, a producer of breakfast cereals, to form the "Ralston Purina Co.". In 1998 it was purchased by Koch Industries and in 2001 by Land O'Lakes.

Our universal Farm and Ranch cylindrical represents the myriad tractorfarm equipment/accessory and feed stores which dot our countryside from the North, South, East and West! Separately owned, they are a common and necessary part of rural life.

     These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  The 4-pk. carries four new unique Reporting Numbers!


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