Catfish Creek Bridge

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The new Catfish Creek Bridge from Raildig is here! This multi-piece cast gypsum and hardwood bridge kit is ideal for spanning creeks, small rivers or a dry wash. When you want a bridge scene but don’t have the height for a tall bridge on your layout, the Catfish Creek Bridge is ideal.

Included are 7 cast gypsum sections along with 2 sets of hardwood bridge legs, or piles. We’ve included one set of square piles and one set of round piles so you can choose the look you want! Both sets of piles are 1/2” in height making the bridge perfect for that small creek or dry wash.

Both Rokuhan and Micro-Trains Line roadbed track fits snugly in the bridge. Of course, you can also use this bridge as an automobile bridge too!

Scenery shown here not included.

Catfish Creek Bridge Dimensions:
Total Length: 5.4” or 137mm
Roadbed Width: .63” or 16mm

Detailed instructions are included as well as a small sanding pad for the removal of any excess gypsum flash on your bridge or on your wood bridge legs, or piles.

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